West FIGHT ON 2018

Team 5-Kate

Thank you for joining Team 5-Kate as we take a stand together to Fight On to find a cure!

My fight began, five years ago, on April 20, 2013 when I was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. Since my diagnosis I have experienced the ups and downs with several reoccurences, but am feeling great again!

I FIGHT ON for Cancer Research...becasuse of advances that are continuing to be made, I was able to repeat an innovative treatment option called HIPEC, when my cancer came back in September 2016. HIPEC or Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy is a highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy treatment that is delivered directly to the site of the disease. During a 10-hour surgery the cancer was debulked from my body and a heated chemotherapy was washed through my abdomen, with the goal of killing any remaining cancer cells.

I feel very fortnuate to have such a wonderful team of doctors at the West Cancer Center and friends and family, like you, who have supported me every step of the way.

I am looking forward to this year's WEST FIGHT ON on Saturday, September 15, 2018! With your support, we can ensure no cancer patient in the Mid-South fights alone.

Thank you for visiting the Team 5-Kate page and as always thank you for your love and support!

For the 5th Running of Team 5-Kate we have freshened up the team tee-shirts, with the new slogan "Team 5-Kate Running Strong"!
Event registration includes the Fight On 2018 T-Shirt, so please do not feel obligated to purchase the Team 5-Kate shirt. We would love to have you there or participating in spirit if you are unable to attend!

The store will be open through September 5th: https://stores.inksoft.com/team_5_kate/shop/home 

Love, Kate

Team 5-Kate Raised
CHAMPION Milestone I Donated! Kate Horton $1,875.00
I Donated! Bruce Alpert $60.00
Edward Amos $65.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Jill Amos $230.00
Brenna Baker $20.00
I Donated! Jennifer Baker $20.00
Marjorie Ball $15.00
I Donated! Alyssa Boler $25.00
PIONEER Milestone Lexi Boler $250.00
I Donated! Amanda Bureau $15.00
Elise Bureau $15.00
I Donated! Sharon Butcher $35.00
I Donated! David Calvin $10.00
Lucie Calvin $10.00
I Donated! Cathy Clark $25.00
Emma Clark $15.00
Matt Clark $25.00
I Donated! Sara Clark $15.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Vicki Clark $110.00
I Donated! Thomas Coupe $55.00
I Donated! Anik Dam $30.00
I Donated! Rebecca DeRousse $25.00
Avery Etz $20.00
Brian Etz $20.00
I Donated! Jackie Etz $20.00
Lily Etz $20.00
Stella Etz $20.00
Peggy Frazer $10.00
Rachel Frazer $18.00
I Donated! Stephany Goodnight $25.00
I Donated! Jayne Gorby $18.00
David Horsley $15.00
I Donated! Suzanne Horsley $15.00
I Donated! Rusty Horton $30.00
ava iskiwitz $15.00
Emma Iskiwitz $15.00
Jamie Iskiwitz $15.00
I Donated! Kelly Iskiwitz $15.00
Aaron Jaffe $15.00
I Donated! Devon Jaffe $15.00
I Donated! Kristen Leone $20.00
LUCY LIN $20.00
REID LIN $20.00
I Donated! Sarah Lin $20.00
Tony Lin $20.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Warren McWhirter $230.00
I Donated! Katie Morgan $27.00
Robert Munoz $25.00
I Donated! James Murphy $80.00
I Donated! Emily Noblett $50.00
I Donated! Laura Rush $50.00
john shearer $30.00
I Donated! Joshua Shearer $15.00
I Donated! virginia shearer $30.00
Bryan Sisk $10.00
I Donated! Susye Sisk $25.00
I Donated! Melissa Still $25.00
I Donated! Tobey Wallace $50.00
Team Gifts $305.00
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