West FIGHT ON 2018


We've joined the fight. Will you?

On September 15, We will be participating in West Cancer Center’s signature fundraising event, West FIGHT ON to raise funds for The UT/West Institute for Cancer Research.

As warriors in the fight against cancer, We will raise funds critical to not only advancing the science of cancer care, but also to ensuring the overall health of our community. Your generous gifts will be used for discovery, innovation and advancement in the field of adult cancer research and patient education, care and support.

 Every dollar makes a difference in the fight against cancer. With your support, we can ensure no cancer patient in the Mid-South fights alone.

 Join Peace, Love and Research and FIGHT ON!



CHAMPION Milestone I Donated! Curry Luttrell $1,075.00
I Donated! Rachel Adams $30.00
I Donated! Pratik Banerjee $60.00
Priyam Banerjee $35.00
I Donated! Krishna Barman $20.00
I Donated! Nibedita Chakraborty $25.00
I Donated! Chris Churchill $35.00
I Donated! Janet Churchill $85.00
I Donated! Lucy Correro $50.00
I Donated! Velda Dedeaux $95.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Shara Duncan $130.00
I Donated! Michele Durkee $55.00
I Donated! Raven Fields $25.00
I Donated! Amanda Fletcher $30.00
Erica Gafford $30.00
FIGHTER Milestone Jay Gilman $100.00
WEST WARRIOR Milestone I Donated! Debbie Graham $500.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Holly Graham $100.00
FIGHTER Milestone Jim Graham $125.00
I Donated! Angela Greer $55.00
I Donated! Brandy Grimes $15.00
Alaina Harber $30.00
I Donated! Alisa Harber $30.00
Brylee Harber $30.00
Lincoln Hayes Hayes $30.00
I Donated! Liza Hayes Hayes $15.00
Nathan Hayes Hayes $15.00
Neil Hayes Hayes $30.00
Ruby HAYES $15.00
I Donated! Carrie Henson $30.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Amanda Jolly $135.00
I Donated! Tangula Joyner Sharp $35.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Amy Lange $175.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Parker Lange $115.00
I Donated! Katina McClendon $25.00
I Donated! Xavier Moore $30.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Catherine Morningstar $130.00
I Donated! Shantay Mosley $10.00
I Donated! Kelsey Patterson $30.00
I Donated! Robin Patterson $30.00
I Donated! Alex Ryder $75.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Julie Ryder $100.00
Laura Sipe $15.00
Aaron Smith $30.00
I Donated! Madison Smith $30.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Sheila Stanfield $110.00
I Donated! Wanda Taylor $10.00
I Donated! Margie Zacher $55.00
I Donated! BOBBY ZINSER $70.00
Team Gifts $610.00
Denotes a Team Captain