West FIGHT ON 2018

MLH100: Fight On!

Join the MLH100: Fight On team and help West Cancer Center raise awareness and funds to invest in discovery, innovation and advancement of adult cancer research and patient education, care and support! Come by and say hi at our Methodist tent!



MLH100: Fight On! Raised
I Donated! Sarah Farley $9.00
I Donated! Kristen Bell $27.00
Jerry Cordray $18.00
I Donated! Rachel Cordray $68.00
Russell Farley $9.00
I Donated! Jannette Glover $40.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Terri Himelrick $120.00
WEST WARRIOR Milestone I Donated! Hugh Jones $565.00
I Donated! Cathy Lindsey $18.00
FIGHTER Milestone I Donated! Dianne Llanes $127.00
Kenny Llanes $27.00
Nathan Llanes $27.00
I Donated! Lee Meyers $50.00
I Donated! Hunter Moyes $27.00
I Donated! Tia Osment $34.00
WEST WARRIOR Milestone I Donated! Jeri Pennel $920.00
I Donated! Joe Pennel $77.50
I Donated! John Perkins $92.50
Team Gifts $649.90
Denotes a Team Captain